Our Story

Giving, a powerful part of human activity, is one of the many forms of expressing our innate desire to make this world a better place. It transcends beyond our individual selves and it is also something truly beautiful.

When we realised we have enough for ourselves and would like to do our part to make this world a better place, we reach out to help the underprivileged or for causes we believe in – as fellow humans, we believe that the kindness in us compels people to extend a hand to act in the interests of others who truly require support. Ranging from supporting humanitarian efforts to animal welfare, there is something for everyone to give back to the society we are in. After all, as they say, being in a position to help others at their times of need is a blessing in life in itself.

Dedicated to the bettering of lives for people, the environment and more, the online tax savings calculator aims to encourage the spirit of giving by providing a general approximation of tax savings we can realise by doing good.  

What is your story of giving?